Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hump Day Boogie Video Released

The Story Behind, 'Hump Day Boogie'.

You never know where inspiration is going to strike you...and wouldn't you know it, it struck me in one of the most obvious places...Facebook. Day after day, week after week I would read peoples posts on how they wished it were Friday. Well, a few Hump Days ago, I was reading some peoples post on how they made it through half the week and Friday was just around the corner.

So, when I got to my studio I had an hour or two to kill before I started teaching and I threw on a drum beat and started improvising. An hour or so later the tune was written and the name was just so appropriate, 'Hump Day Boogie'. The next day I began the recording process and within a few days the song was recorded. It was the last track that would make my new album, 'We The People'; which will be coming out soon.

I never had any intentions of making a video for the song, but that is what 30+ hours of mixing will due to you. I needed a change from what I had been doing, so I shot a video for the song, 'God Bless The Bills I Pay' off my last album. In the making of that video I got the concept for this video; which really came from comments my students have told me over the years.

They would tell me, "Shawn, I like your records but they really don't highlight you guitar playing very much..." Which then got me thinking, 'Why not shoot a video that did that very thing?' So, here it is, 'Hump Day Boogie'.

I would like to dedicate this song to all of you who find themselves busting their humps all week long. Those of you who work hard everyday to scratch out a living for yourselves and your families...my hat's off to all of you!!! I know its tough out there and sometimes you feel like your lives begin again at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. But just remember...your 'LIFE IS NOW'!!! Try not to spend to much time wishing your days away, for you may wake up one day wishing you had those days back.

Until next time...

All my best,